Gulf Shores, Alabama

Have you ever been to gulf shores, Alabama or one of  your relatives? If not then you should really go because it is so fun. You can do many fun things there especially going to the beach.  It is a fun bonding time to go with your family you can bring shovels and toys to make sand castles, look for seashells, play with friends, dive in the water, and many other things. One really fun place to go if you are in to history is the USS Alabama battleship boat. I went there and it was so fun you can go to the gift shop, able to do things, and watch documentary’s about the boats.

Another place right by the beach where you can eat is called the Hangout. While you are waiting for your food you can go play in the sand right by it because there is an outdoor area that is connected to it. In the summer you can play on a football field, dance to music,  they have dance parties, and when they pick they do a bubble machine and it is so fun.

Then when your food comes it is really good and they have a variety of american foods to eat. Another good place to go to is the island, they have entertainment and games you can play and also some little carnival rides. Out of the whole thing they have shopping stores and you can find anything, I mean anything there if you needed something. I really hope you consider going here because I couldn’t name every place but there is way more and are all so much fun.

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In The Dog House

Don’t you love when you accomplish things that are hard to do? Well I do, and my three group members are doing a project that will change or help the world or environment. That is making homemade dog toys for our local shelter. My group is still so exited about this project and will dread when it is over, so we will enjoy and cherish it now. If you want you can go check out my blog about my entire project in detail 20% project blog.

I made quite a lot of accomplishments on this windy and bumpy road. One of my first and biggest things I accomplished is coming up with doing this astonishing project and getting permission to be allowed to do it. We asked our teacher if our idea was good and she loved the idea, we were going to go though the roof with excitement because of how happy we were. Another was when we wanted to have one of our group members grandparents (Grandma) be our mentor and we were psyched that she said yes and was really looking forward to our project. The reason we picked her is because she has dealt and sewn things like blankets, pillows, hats, etc. Then if she could do that then she would have advice and information on what to do for us.

I have couple more things I would like to discuss and share with you, so please continue reading. My third is encountering our principal about doing a bake sale to get money to make the toys at a school game. We were going to make posters about what the customers money is going to and why we are doing this but in this month. There is going to be cookies, Capri suns, and cupcakes. That is all the accomplishments that I have for now, I hope you enjoyed and really liked it.

I have multiple things I want to accomplish is this current month of December. One of them is making posters and test toys for the bake sale, but we aren’t actually going to have it until winter break which is going to be next year or January. Our group also wants to look at toys that were approved by the ASPCA and ask about that, or if that does’n’t work then try to call them. We recently tried to call before hand but it did not work and that was for about three days straight so we talked to the assistant principal and he said to look at toys that were approved by them and find out information about it. That is all I have, and I really hope you like it!

This really describes this blog because my group has a lot of stuff to do.

Amazing Awaits with the passage


Hello, my name is Gabby and I really like holidays because everyone is always so exited and happy. Also Christmas is coming up and I always get exited when the music comes on, the trees and ornaments coming up, giving presents to family, seeing family, all the excitement and food on Christmas eve, and tons more that I will be talking about. Some other things I like is baking the cookies, that is always the best. If you would like to make your own cookie dough then you can go to this  Homemade cookie dough. I like when we first get all the supplies out like the cookie dough and the mold when we it out we pick our molds and put them in it. That isn’t even the best part it is decorating the cookies. I am sure you will love decorating cookies for Santa because it lets you have fun but most of all spend time with your family while it lasts. My dad was in the army for a whole straight year once and when he came home I was happy to cherish the memories we had together and you can do that too by making your own, oh and I forgot to tell you have fun!Rainbow Biscotti BitesSarah R via Compfight

Scary, spooky, costumes, do you know which holiday I am thinking of? You guessed it, Halloween it isn’t  just that, but it is also my birthday! I dress up for Halloween while getting presents in the morning from my dad and mom  and grandma, it is always so fun. This year I got cookie cake, which is my favorite by the way, for my birthday. After that is over we go trick or treating and the tradition I always do is make sure to get a Reese’s bar for me and my dad because it is our favorites.  This year was extra special since I got him three of them! By the end of the week we will give whatever we have left or don’t want to give it to  the veterans. I also invite some of my friends over for a party for my birthday somewhere.  After the week is over on the weekend we go to the mall to get things I want and go out to eat which is usually Olive Garden or Acapulco and it is always so fun.  The best thing of all is that I get to be and spend time with my family.tiger at the zoo.Matthew Roth via Compfight

The last but not least holiday I want to talk to you about is the fourth of July not just because my dad, both of my grandpas, uncle, and great grandpas were in the war but because of the freedom we have in this country because of people sacrificing their lives for us each day or like for a stranger that is how much our country is together and i really hope we stay like that! My family always makes my dad something and a card and he ends up loving it. After we do that we go somewhere with my dad, like a restaurant, to eat and the people tell give thanks for serving and give him a piece of cake or ice cream. Then we go see fireworks and meet up with our whole family to watch and play around.  The thing I want you to remember is that you need to give thanks, and that doesn’t mean making a card or buying something more like a hug or a quote to say that will touch them or make their day!

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My Amazing and Astonishing Project

Have you ever done a project that will change the world? Or help it in any way? Well, at my school we are doing a project called a 20% project where we help the world in any way, but not donating money or doing sales. The reason it is called this is because we spend 20 percent of our time working on this and usually every Friday, which is not including speeches and plans to make up other days. At the beginning we have to come up with an idea, do a speech about it and use a visual aide to present, do our project, and at the end we have to present our speech again about if it succeeded and if it was worth it. My project is about helping my local animal shelter by making dog toys for them. Our Mentor  (the first definition) is one of my members grandparents. It would mean a lot to me if you went to go check out my aide: Visual Aide

Some emotions I am feeling about my project is exited, I am ready to get with my group and talk about taking our text steps forward like when we had to show our idea to our teachers. Another emotion that goes threw everyday, even when we don’t do the project, is anxious because I love doing the project and when we were to the part about contacting the shelter. A third thing is scared because when we were doing our speech i was scared and also I am scared because the athletic director didn’t respond to my group yet so we can do the bake sale to raise money for materials.

We have a lot of plans for this month of November. One is we need to get in touch with the athletic director and him actually respond to us. Then we want to make a couple sample toys for the people at  the basketball game and make posters too to see what it is and why (our project). We also get caprisuns,cookies, and cupcakes for the it. After all that we will finally actually have the bake sale. We will lastly contact the ASPCA and then see if it in safe to make the toys for the dogs. If this succeeds we might make cat toys also. I really hope you enjoyed this blog about this interesting project and love it!
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It always starts with a little idea

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Our group is thee people

Improving Improvements of Throwing Kindness Around

I believe there is a problem around the school which is that there is not enough showing of kindness and showing people what you should do and not do. If I could improve my school I would help everyone by putting signs up around the school that will effect people to be kind. The problem i see is that people are getting bullied and maybe if they see and think about what they are doing, then making them not do it. I really hope this will lower the rates of bulling. People a lot of times think about what things say then they wont do it because in most cases people don’t actually think: OK so is this a good or bad idea i am making? This might also let them be kinder by brightening someones day and having maybe another best friend.

There is multiple signs I would like to put up. A sight that I looked at was Acts of Kindness.
My second credit is for this sight: 101 Random Acts of Kindness I want to put the following types of signs:

  • bullying rates
  • don’t do it
  • treat people the way you want to be treated
  • spread kindness like confetti
  • would it be nice
  • you don’t know what happens in peoples lives
  • life is short be kind
  • you don’t have to say something nice to everyone you just simply be nice
  • one thing can effect everybody’s days
  • don’t judge a book by its cover
  • beauty is within
  • if you see someone left out sit or talk to them                                                                                                                                             The thing is you don’t have to go up to tons of people one a day will affect the world and even none and just waving or smiling at people will help. You never know how someones live is going they might act the way they are because their parents are divorced or… other things. Another thing is that you only live once, so don’t worry about how you look how popular you are, who your friends are etc. I want some of you people to know that people are the same and it isn’t about how you look because just like in Beauty and the Beast, “beauty is found within”, which means that it is your heart that matters.  Image result for a person sharing                                                             here is the link and credit for this picture sharing food  April via Compfight                                                be happy no sad like this face!!

Savvys Serious Series

Do you like reading?  Well if so this is the perfect blog for you? OK so first of all welcome back and if your new then welcome also. One of my favorite books is called Savvy and it is by Ingrid Law. This book is a non fiction book that has won one award of a Newberry honor award and it is also a New York Times bestseller. This book has two following books called Scrumble and Switch. I have only read the first book but am currently reading the second book (Scrumble).

This book is about this family called the Beaumont’s and every time on of the family turns thirteen they inherit a magical trait. One of the main characters Mibs and before her birthday her papa gets into a car accident and goes in the hospital with a coma. Her mom and one of her brothers drive down to Salina, Kansas where her papa is. She comes home and finds Ms. Rosemary at home with he children Will junior and Bobbi that Mibs doesn’t know at all. Ms. Rosemary is doing a surprise party and when Mibs comes into the church she finds the preacher yelling at the deliveryman for the bibles that are the color pink.

When she notices thew delivery mans tattoo it starts to talk in her head with the names of Carlene and Rhonda. Then when the delivery man goes back into the truck to take the books back she jumps in with Will Junior, Bobbi, Fish (her brother), and her other brother. The delivery man leaves without the fact of knowing the kids in the back. Then the five kids go onto a journey to see if they will have enough time to save him. Will they be able to? Read the book to find out. Also have you ever read this book or interested? What is your favorite book , I would really like go know about it so I could and will read it!!!!

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this is one of the books the third


Crazy Cooking High Help

Activity 3:

Once their was a little girl in a faraway land that loved ice cream. She loved eating ice cream, making ice cream, and giving away ice cream.  If anyone wanted a kind of ice cream she would probably and delightfully have it.  A problem was  that she was very unkind and was rude because so didn’t stop and think before so spoke. So one day so was a girl named Allie, she decided that she wanted to have a banana split but with strawberries instead, just like a strawberry split. “Coming right up”, said Miss Baker. She went into the cooking area and looked and saw that there was nothing like that so she went to talk to the girl. “We don’t have any so leave…. I mean uh…”, Miss Baker shouted. Allie then said, “OK well then you will regret it…”. “No, what do I need to do?”. Said Miss Baker shaking with fear. So the girl then said that she needed to pick three strawberries and go up to someone and think before you speak. Miss Baker set out and got the strawberries when so realized there was a person stuck in a branch so she walked toward it. She thought about and thought before she spoke and helped the boy up and said that she liked his shirt. she took him back and he gave his thanks to her so she set back off to return. Then  she helped an other person and then was really close to her village. When she got there she gave Allie the Strawberry split and Allie accepted it and let her go. After a week of thinking what shew said everybody hung around her and then Allie moved out of the village. And then another person joined and was just like Miss Baker in the beginning. She helped and was known for it, but did you think about the ice cream? And is this her new business?

Activity 4:

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her thinking.

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What happened to the business?




Creepy cauldron colored clashes

Activity 1

OK, welcome back, yes I know I say something like this every time but hopefully it is OK with you. Have you enjoyed my blog posts so far, we anyway lets quit yakking and get to it. my poem is talking about a witches cauldron if you don’t know already and I am going to be speaking with you about this. So I learned that is sounds my catchy if you use alliteration, which means repetition of words in the poem because then it makes your readers intrigued. And then also intrigued in  my words means you were wanting to know more and really curious. Another thing I learned is make it your idea not you peers idea or a being on the internet giving knowledge. In another case this means that you don’t want to find something that you are very interested, eager, curious or using that word again, which is intrigued. A couple things I need to learn or know is how to tweak the internet knowledge to find a better sounding or not like-sounding just like that internet person. This information is very supportive to those and myself to know what to do and how to do it, which is the poem, how to make it  in depth, the topic etc. I am about a fifty , fifty more on the trying to tweak side but still need I little bit more work on tweaking it more than once.

Activity 2


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Creepy Cauldron Colored Clashes


one night there was pal an unusual pair

ugly, grinning, snarling, laughing hysterically with all their might

not paying any focus on the ingredients in the brew

there outfits unequal, destroyed, and clashed by not having the right  dress code matching

lumpy, fat, lazily standing at the ledge of the cauldron laughing with their evil grins

costing an arm and an leg, a fortune

nothing but all the secret, indecisive ingredients, wahahaha hard to choose

good night sleepy head the brew will be ready at dawn

from now persisting the dark, secret liquid until the masterpiece has been accomplished

it is time come eat, what is in hear will be question no one being knows


Amazing Avatar

First of all, hello and nice to meet you, some of you again. Anyways I am going to be talking about my blog avatar, and how and where I got it. My avatar has a tan skin color and brown hair. I made it to look similar to me because then you know what I look like. I decided to put the avatar’s hair like that because I usually part my hair like that, I like my hair down, and lastly that is my true hair, wavy. When I was little I used to have full out curls that were massive and really thick, then I basically grew out of it but still kind of have curly hair. Then for the outfit I picked a blue shirt and a black jacket. I did this because one of my favorite colors are blue and also I liked the way they made the shirt, the crossed front. I picked the jacket because when I tried it on my avatar  looked good so I thought I might as well just leave it. Last, I did the eyes brown like myself. That is my avatar and I hope you love it. Face your manga 

My Passion

Hi, my name is Gabby and it is nice to meet you. If you are wondering what topic this is about then I will, hopefully you will enjoy this.  Well let’s get to the point I am  passionate about this because I have been playing since I was three and it is fun. My number that I have always worn  is #10 I have had it since I was three when my team started having numbers. Now the part I have been waiting for when I  SCORE A GOAL, who doesn’t love when you see it roll in the goal, seems slow in your head and then the crowd cheering, I love that feeling.

This is going to be the second paragraph and if you ever think about playing soccer remember, “Its not over till the whistle blows” -Mia Hamm. I think this quote matters because the score can always be changed so don’t give up till the whistle blows and the games over. In soccer you can do tricks to fake that you are going in  another direction. Another thing you can do is pass to your teammates. One thing is you don’t have to be the best, the worst, or the most experienced and inexperienced. Another thing is you don’t have a be good at sports it is a very fluid game; put the ball in the with getting pushed down and trick moves. A third is you won’t have tons of  injuries in soccer rather than football at least. I hope you learned why I like this sport and it is my passion, thanks for listening.

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