Creepy cauldron colored clashes

Activity 1

OK, welcome back, yes I know I say something like this every time but hopefully it is OK with you. Have you enjoyed my blog posts so far, we anyway lets quit yakking and get to it. my poem is talking about a witches cauldron if you don’t know already and I am going to be speaking with you about this. So I learned that is sounds my catchy if you use alliteration, which means repetition of words in the poem because then it makes your readers intrigued. And then also intrigued in  my words means you were wanting to know more and really curious. Another thing I learned is make it your idea not you peers idea or a being on the internet giving knowledge. In another case this means that you don’t want to find something that you are very interested, eager, curious or using that word again, which is intrigued. A couple things I need to learn or know is how to tweak the internet knowledge to find a better sounding or not like-sounding just like that internet person. This information is very supportive to those and myself to know what to do and how to do it, which is the poem, how to make it  in depth, the topic etc. I am about a fifty , fifty more on the trying to tweak side but still need I little bit more work on tweaking it more than once.

Activity 2


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Creepy Cauldron Colored Clashes


one night there was pal an unusual pair

ugly, grinning, snarling, laughing hysterically with all their might

not paying any focus on the ingredients in the brew

there outfits unequal, destroyed, and clashed by not having the right  dress code matching

lumpy, fat, lazily standing at the ledge of the cauldron laughing with their evil grins

costing an arm and an leg, a fortune

nothing but all the secret, indecisive ingredients, wahahaha hard to choose

good night sleepy head the brew will be ready at dawn

from now persisting the dark, secret liquid until the masterpiece has been accomplished

it is time come eat, what is in hear will be question no one being knows


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