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Hi, one thing I like doing is talking all about me. one thing I like to do is basketball it I so fun to me. I will tell you I have a pet so you can understand he is a dog. sometimes I wish I had a elephant, this  is so fantastic , I love doing blogs. I should probably tell you is my name is Gabby. I like that my friends can help me with my blog about introducing. What brings me joy is watch my favorite team play which is Kentucky. Sometimes I am lazy and watch You Tube because who hates it.  I have two sisters Madison and Sydney. Sometimes I sit and do nothing except watch a movie or eat pizza, sometimes both. My favorite thing to do at school is each lunch, have band class, have math class, have ELA class, and take quizzes they are so fun. My dog’s name is Ranger and I love him so much, he is  Jack Russell . I love my sisters especially my older sister the are so nice. I have always wanted to get a pet turtle because the are so cute to me. A thing I love learning  at  school is learning Spanish, one word is Uno which is one. I have always admired the name Victoria and want to name one of my pets that name because it is so pretty. One of my favorite fruits is watermelon is so delicious. One thing I thought would be fun is to play an instrument like a xylophone but I now play the flute. In case you were wondering my favorite YouTube people are Rebecca Zamolo, Savv Soutas, Jojo Siwa, and many more. A  thing I also love doing is going to the Toledo zoo with my grandparents.

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